Business Services

There are many ways to solve problems. Symbios works hand-in-hand to help our clients find solutions to their challenges and opportunities.

Symbios business services include:

  • Executive Listening & Coaching – provide clients an opportunity to privately talk, explore, and strategize their business interests and concerns with seasoned business professionals in total confidence.
  • Project Management – plan, develop, execute and evaluate projects for clients.
  • Customer Insights – set up and conduct private inquiry meetings, focus groups and surveys for clients.
  • Meeting Facilitation & Strategic Planning – plan, organize, conduct and report out on meetings for clients.
  • Work Plan – develop an annual work plan to implement the goals, objectives and strategies in your strategic plan.
  • Strategic Partnerships – seek to identify industry partners to establish mutually beneficial relationships.

Targeted Marketing

The best way to get marketing results is to start with the right decision maker. Symbios has well-established relationships with principals and key associations for utilities, renewable energy providers and technology companies that we leverage on behalf of our clients — the real value comes from making connections that benefit all parties involved.

Symbios marketing services include:

  • Marketing Representation – act as client representatives when making industry outreach. (Marketing Rep.)
  • Industry Relationships – seek to create industry partnerships that benefit all parties.
  • Association Networking – identify key industry associations and events to help promote clients.
  • Customer Relationship & Retention Strategies – provide insights into preferred methods for customer relationship management.
  • Targeted Marketing – create tailored, results-oriented marketing plans and strategies.
  • Industry Coordination (Coalitions) – coalesce industry leaders/groups behind policy, regulation and initiatives that promote market goals.
  • Product/Service Validation – identify potential customers and assess product or service viability through meetings with target market.
  • Results Analytics – track customer relationship opportunities and resulting sales.

Government Engagement

Pericles, the Greek statesman, orator and general, once said, “Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.” Symbios is keenly aware that organizations are increasingly influenced by the decisions made by government and we help clients effectively communicate their priorities in this challenging environment.

Symbios government engagement services include:

  • Relationship Development – identify and develop key government relationships.
  • Grassroots Strategies – create grassroots advocacy strategies to support policy, public opinion and business priorities.
  • Coalition Building – organize groups of companies/organizations/industries behind a shared goal.
  • Policy Development & Position Statements – draft issue papers/briefs, position statements, talking points, resolutions, articles, news releases and other documents in support of policy priorities.
  • Lobbying Support – prepare, staff and conduct advocacy trips to state/federal bodies. (Advocacy Support)
  • Issue Monitoring – track and report on key issues of interest to client.
  • Government Funding – secure government funding through federal programs, Congress, state and local sources.