Our Team

Our mission:

We are passionate about providing services that are built on mutually beneficial relationships between individuals, groups of people or markets segments that work with and depend on each other for success.

Creative thinking you can measure:

Symbios Consulting (Symbios) is comprised of business, marketing, and government affairs professionals with core competencies in business strategy, networking and communications. Symbios takes an entrepreneurial approach to its work and thrives when faced with client challenges that require creative thinking and measurable solutions.

A global perspective:

We find opportunities for our clients that fall into three areas within our network:

  • Clients seeking strategic business counsel on how to become or stay relevant in a constantly changing environment;
  • Clients seeking marketing assistance to find business partners and/or buyers of their product, service or concept; or
  • Clients in need of government affairs representation (federal funding and/or policy support).

While not every client may want each facet of what Symbios offers, we have found that many do benefit from the global perspective we bring.

How we help our clients succeed:

We use a top-down approach to leverage our industry knowledge and relationships to advance client interests — the real value comes from making connections that benefit all parties involved.

Symbios has extensive experience working with electric utilities, government agencies, technology providers, renewable energy developers and manufacturers with/through associations and coalitions in these areas.